Devoto Holiday Roundup

Happy holidays to all, from hours-old Isaac to SteveandGinger.

Now, to re-capitulate what’s up in class: some of you are shooting sleep-related pictures (see the earlier post “Perchance” to begin brainstorming) or shooting that project again out of dissatisfaction with your negatives; bully, I say. One or two amongst the AP roster are finishing/continuing with “Layers” and the long-term port-buddy project.

‘Twould be prudent to re-consider the content of earlier posts “JingJingJingJingChingChingChingChing,” “Better Negatives Through Chemistry,” “Build-A-Room,” and “Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision,” especially since that show closes on the 10th, and it’s an excellent opportunity to write a review for Bonus Karma.

Carpe the diem, everyone; carpe the diem.

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