W. o’ W. from Daniel Barenboim

From “Music Quickens Time:”

“In life outside music, ambiguity is not necessarily a positive attribute — it is often a sign of indecision and, in politics, a lack of firm direction — but in the world of sound, ambiguity becomes a virtue in that it offers many different possibilities from which to proceed. Sound has the ability to make a link between all elements, so that no element is exclusively negative or positive… Feeling is an expression of the struggle for balance, and it cannot be allowed independence from thought. As Spinoza shows us, joy and its variants lead us to a greater functioning perfaction; sorrow and its related affects are unhealthy and should therefore be avoided. In music, though, joy and sorrow exist simultaneously and therefore allow us to feel a sense of harmony. Music is always contrapuntal, involving an interplay of independent voices, in te philosophical sense of the word. Even when it is linear, there are always opposing elements coexisting, occasionally even in conflict with each other. Music accepts comments from one voice to the other at all times and tolerates subversive accompaniments as a necessary antipode to leading voices. Conflict, denial and commitment coexist at all times in music.”

Parallels in the Essays of Annie Gosfield


Annie Gosfield is a Modern composer who has written a number of pieces which, for the most part, relate well to photographic practice without substituting too many nouns or verbs. Here are some of her pearls:

Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Details count.

Don’t fear rejection.

Don’t assume you know what’s accessible to the audience and what isn’t.

If you chose to study composition, spend your time in school studying what you can’t learn in a club or a garage.

Make sure you’re always doing some work that is yours and yours alone — not composed for the approval of teachers or colleagues.

Never discount the power of the library.


Listen for yourself: http://www.anniegosfield.com/

Yet More Downtown Re-Photography

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