Prepare for the AP final!

The 2-D AP midterm consists of an assessment of the work accumulated from assigned projects and of the work done independently, any of which might be part of the final portfolio submitted to the College Board in May.


A+:  Exhibition prints are pictures printed on 8×10 paper, (maybe larger); most often printed full-frame; always spotted, sometimes toned; mounted, or ready to mount. We’ll each need enough to edit down to 24-29 by the end of April; how many are ready by mid-January?


B:     Collate all your contact sheets, well-made and labeled; again, the number of rolls and negatives made is key.


C-:   Number or name your prints; identify how each principle or element of design is most prominent in each picture.


Mr. D:    Create or obtain a clean, substantial, seriously dignified  container for your work.


In addition:

1. Which prints do you consider successes from what we have been calling “The Quarter of Finer Grain?”

2. Have you had (or have you not yet had) the pleasure of a personal hallway critique?

3. Have you experienced the exquisite honor of a group critique when we met with the other two sections?


The clearer and more orderly everything is when you hand it over, the better. De-ciphering your oeuvre is beyond the scope of a college-level course. Continue to ask questions for clarification in advance.

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