The Girl Project

Kate Engelbrecht has a terrific idea: to pre-loaded disposable cameras available to as many adolescent (and shorter) females as want them, to collate and display their best (in her opinion) pictures. Editing and sequencing appeals to me too: I do it all the time, and it’s a pleasure, therefore I think her idea is a good idea.


Look at her warren of web sites and act quickly. The project is ongoing, but nothing is forever. Begin with:

Diary of an Exhibition, Part 3

It’s a go. The exhibit of pictures regarding facades will take place at the Barrington Area Library for about seven weeks, from early February to the end of March (into spring break).

A reception is scheduled for the evening of Friday, February 13. Bring yer own cookie.

Will I do a mailing? I dunno. E-mail blasts are effective, but there’s nothing like getting a piece of mail delivered to one’s door. Will there be a related assignment? Prolly, of some sort. Will anything (gasp) sell? Odds are agin’ it; that’s Allstate’s stand.