Diary of an Exhibition, Part 3

It’s a go. The exhibit of pictures regarding facades will take place at the Barrington Area Library for about seven weeks, from early February to the end of March (into spring break).

A reception is scheduled for the evening of Friday, February 13. Bring yer own cookie.

Will I do a mailing? I dunno. E-mail blasts are effective, but there’s nothing like getting a piece of mail delivered to one’s door. Will there be a related assignment? Prolly, of some sort. Will anything (gasp) sell? Odds are agin’ it; that’s Allstate’s stand.





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  1. I hope to be busy by Friday the 13th of February.

    Besides, it’s a long drive for an evening out.

    But I promise to have a cookie (and perhaps some punch) in your honor.

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