Viva Vivian

Here are some images from vintage prints by Vivian Maier that you have not seen before. Some are as small as 3×3 inches; any of them would fit in your hand. They’re not from the collection that prompted the blockbuster Cultural Center show and the book.

Go look at the collection, but ya gotta hurry. The Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery is above Dusty Groove America; perhaps you already know where that is. Read all about it at and contact me here if you need directions/encouragement. At the gallery, you might see Ben, who was so nice to everyone at the Tony Wight Gallery on the day of the AP “Power Walk In The Noonday Sun” field trip.

Here’s a little deep background on some of the work:

“Vivian Maier makes me cry.”

More exciting news about another book from Richard Cahan.

Team Vivian Update

The folks at the Gray Lady admits they’re playing catch-up regarding the saga of Vivian Maier, but they’re making up for that with a brace of posts. As promised last year, we’ve/they’ve only begun to scratch the surface of negatives in the newly processed film.

Pick Sunday’s NYT for the Magazine feature.

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Holiday Hedonism

Whether you’re reading this when it’s fresh, or whether you’ve come across it months after posting… when one needs to make purchases by a hard deadline, any sort of help is welcome. That is why we provide this service again during the holiday season. You be the judge as to which items are bang-for-the-buck and which are only to be acquired with one’s second lottery winnings. Let’s begin with the glowing items:

On to books. Books are always good. 

The New Testament of pinhole literature is (may we have the envelope, please):

Product Details

Next item of interest: the aforementioned101 Things to Learn in Art School by Kit White.

A book which has in limbo for 40 years is finally published:

The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan by Richard Nickel, Aaron Siskind, John Vinci and Ward Miller.

Another monograph we’ve been anticipating, for a year or more, is Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

by Vivian Maier, John Maloof and Geoff Dyer (hmm… didn’t know Mr. Dyer was involved; good).

Not enough Viv?

How about The Vivian Girls?

Perhaps you’d like to fill your freezer with things that are, um, going away soon. Kodak_Announcement-1

…or simply enjoy collecting an artist’s work in the fast track:

Personally, all I want for Xtol Xmas is more film & paper and the time to ruin it. (And maybe a $2500 gift card.)

Happy armchair surf-shopping!

W. o’ W.: Brian Miller

“People like Bruce Wrighton and Vivian Maier give me great hope that after I’m dead my work will be lauded during a couple of moments of boredom. Milton Rogovin declared, “The rich have their own photographers.” Photographs like these prove, beyond a doubt, that the rest of us just need to walk outside and start photographing. Something. Anything. Someone. Anybody. Just go and do it now. You will be lauded.”

Viv’s Viewfinder

…courtesy of Ms. D.:

“You get on you have to go to the end.”

Watch the WTTW report on Vivian Maier:


Perhaps you recall how the work of one Vivian Maier is becoming known:; well, there’s more.

John Szarkowski wrote: ” A photograph may… be private in the sense that there is no designated public access to its meaning, no catalog of its constituent parts, its iconographic and formal resources. Each viewer, including the photographer who made it, must devise for the new picture a personal and provisional place among the other pictures and facts that the viewer knows. It is of course true that all good pictures contain unfinished meanings; only perfect clichés are perfectly complete. Nevertheless, good photographs are often more richly unfinished than other pictures, are wilder, in the sense that they have in them more elements that are not fully understood and domesticated. James Agee, pretending that the photographer was a fisherman and that the truth was a trout, said it was the photographer’s task to bring the fish to net without too much subduing it.”

and now we have this:

P.S. Not to alter the gist of this post, but you can keep up on Vivian Maier at

A Recently Discovered Trove is all over the Interweb  today; why not here as well? There’s a lovely story to introduce the pictures, not a clinker in the bunch, and more to come as well. (Thanks, Steph.)