Cindy Sherman ‘moticons!

…do-dah, do-dah.





Typos, from The World’s Greatest Newspaper

Read This Sitting Down


The Illusion of Control

There’s been talk of a sequel to the film “Groundhog Day” which would be simply the same movie, re-released. Good one. Today this image appeared on every other weblog I “visited:” tumblr_ni5fpzoX3H1qe0lqqo1_500

It’s a strong image by Thomas Vandenberghe, a dentist in Sandy, Utah (which seems to be an intense, but relatively tiny, hotbed of photography). One guy posted it, and at least two others re-posted before I did, so I guess it’s de rigeur–for today, anyway. More to the point, though, is the drama that unfurled over a couple of days earlier this week regarding  appropriating images from the inter webs. We all realize that whatever one posts on fbook or linked in technically becomes the property of those operations, and no one seems to care; but check out this calamity that existed for a few days. You thought that was lot? Now order in, and scroll through 4700 pages of and

Technology, Redefined.


I posted a post-dated post yesterday! somehow showed up as a November 14 entry; how did this happen? Who knows! Hoocares!? Just click on the link so you can watch the video.

“The Deer”


On this date in 1984, Dr. DeYoung interrupted 7th hour over the public address system to announce that Bobby Dernier had hit a home run in the first at-bat of the game.




Francis Bacon’s Bell Schedule


“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.”