Viv Premiered This Morning


Do “Shots.”

Thanks to Jeni, I refer you to this deal with a countdown factor. Start or augment your photo periodical collection… tonight! (This is mentioned as a public service; we get no cut.)
TWO DAYS remain to take advantage of the SHOTS back issue special offer. Now through October 1, select any available 6 back issues for a discount (priority shipping included in price). This is a great opportunity to pick-up some copies you may have missed or to introduce yourself to the magazine! Details here: <>

Briefly Free and Open


Once again, two miles or so of Milwaukee Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic for the day tomorrow, Sunday, the 15th. All mannr of activities are planned/allowed. This is the definition of a photo op for street shooters (although one cannot prove it from the available PR pix of previous events) so make it your own.


Going Back Versus Going Backwards

skrudland-35-73608196This was the place that processed my first rolls from my little Ansco 620. It was near where my Dad worked, on Diversey, and he took his documentation pictures for work there as well. Later I was pleased to see that Skrudland had moved out to Palatine. That location, on Rand Road, is now Flash Imaging Center. For those of us who are currently shooting film without a (dark) room of one’s own, here’s the good news. Imagine sending in a roll a week, and reveling in one’s accumulation after a year.

(Thanks, Jeni.)

This next item is best summed up by their own statement: “a fun toy.” I picture four guys splitting the rent somewhere in Bucktown.


Good luck to all teams.

The History of Photography (at Barrington High School)


Here it comes, people: we’re mounting an exhibit of work from students of photography (and teachers) at Borington Huge School over the decades. The work of alumni has gone in so many directions, and ‘twould be good to represent all the years in our big show, whether the pieces be from hah thkoo, art school, commercial jobs, journalistic jobs, or wherever. Send us a couple of  pieces, unmounted or framed, and we’ll get them back to you afterward.


Get in touch with us at!/bhsphoto or right here.

UPDATE: The work is accumulating nicely, and we’re still trying to get the word out to more good workers of other years. If you think of someone who should be included please don’t hesitate to have them contact us. Time is of the essence: the exhibit will be mounted on September 30! Also, a reception is now scheduled for Friday, Rocktober 11.

UPPERDATE: It’s looking as though the installation will take the better part of two days. At least four of the current and former Photography teachers will be in attendance at the reception, now confirmed as 6:30 to 8:00 on the evening of the 11th. Although participation is huge, some key alumni are still not represented, so we’ll accept whatever work for which there is room.

*UPDATE* Go look at

Special Legends Edition Chicago

Two years ago, Sonny Rollins played to an SRO audience to open the Chicago Jazz Festival. Last year Roy “Snap Crackle” Haynes delivered an equally phenomenal performance. This Thursday evening, August 29 at the Pritzker Pavillion, drummer Jack DeJohnette leads an all-star quintet featuring bassist Larry Gray, saxophonists Roscoe Mitchell and Henry Threadgill, and pianist Muhal Richard Abrams. Be there or be square, folks. Prep your ears for thirty-some minutes:

A Garage Sale for the Ages

Below are portions of the e-mail transmitted last week by the fine emporium Dusty Groove America. I removed the pricing information because this not paid advertising, but trust me, the sale prices are fantastic.


FYI: Last year the store acquired 20,000 LPs, 40,000 45s and several thousand CDs from WGN, who figured they no longer needed them.

“Hey there! Sorry to bother you out of the blue, but we’ve got some special news we wanted to share with you — a huge sale at the Dusty Groove store in Chicago!

We’ll be running this sale for one day only at our store at 1120 N Ashland Ave in Chicago — from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, August 24 (with Sunday, August 25 as a rain date). If you’ve ever been to one of our garage sales, you know what to expect — amazing bargains at rock-bottom prices designed to move a lot of music in a short amount of time. And for the first time ever, we’ll also be auctioning off whatever’s left at 5pm to the highest bidder — so bring a truck if you’d like to walk away with an entire collection’s-worth of music!

There’s no way we can share all the details of the music with you in advance — but we’ve already spent weeks putting together this special selection, and we’ve got a lot more work ahead of us in the weeks to come. We really hope you can make it — and we can promise plenty of goodness if you make the trip!

The whole thing happens on  Saturday, August 24 (rain date Sunday, August 25)– starting at 10am in Chicago. See you there!”



It’s A Noun/Verb/Adjective; It’s… Frank.

Over at LBM, our colleague Alec says: “I recently purchased an album of photographs of a Westerner in Japan. I’m hoping to make this album into a storybook, but don’t have much of a story to work with. All I know is that the man’s name is Frank and that the pictures seem to be made in the 1950′s.”


“For each picture, we’re asking participants to write a short, paragraph-long story. This can be a factual description or imaginative speculation. Some of these submissions will be included in the final book.”

You have nothing to lose.

“Bokeh” is Another Name for “Kickstarter.”

Partway through the first day of a one-month campaign, funding for a project to re-create excellent 19th century optics is already thrice the goal. (Update, before posting: four times the goal!)


Blue Sky’s “The Optical”

Roseville 2012 BM

I have a picture in a show, in Portland. I’m visiting the gallery on the 18th or 19th; I’ll meet you there, or you can go anytime during the exhibit’s schedule.