Critical Mass Top 50

Photolucida, in Oregon, has solicited entries, juried work, and announced the honorees in (the 7th?) “CriticalMass” event. Prominent among the prominent is Patty Carroll, whose artist’s statement is worth noting:

“Photographers observe, comment, criticize, and make fun of the worlds we live in by interacting with reality, and visibly displaying those perceptions in images. My training was as a straight, documentary photographer, but I stray back into the studio to make up fictional worlds.

I believe that every artist has a moment or time which became a defining point in their life view, and as we struggle to discover it, we repeat work trying to either recreate that moment, or possibly redefine it. As our inner and outer worlds collide, photography seems to be the most satisfying way of expressing that convergence.

Perhaps there are several moments that define a personality, and I look deeply for each one as it emerges. Artists often go to great lengths to find their soul place. Fortunately for me in this work, I only have to return to Park Ridge, either metaphorically or in actuality to find my defining moments and place.”



Photographers’ Sketchbooks

Presently (one month from now), a promising new resource for all of us: 43 short chapter entries which display how creative camera workers prepare for executing their visual ideas (as in these illustrations).



( These examples are taken from a 1977 issue of Creative Camera magazine. I don’t know if these workers are included in the book, but for the remaining time until the release date, there’s a Major Award for the first person to identify correctly whose sketches these are.)

Processing a go-go!

No darkroom? No problem!

“I had pretty much given up on shooting black & white real Infrared film some years ago when the local photo lab stopped hand processing… but this first test batch with the Ilford USA lab and the related scans are suburb [sic] and free of any debris or dust. It makes me wish I had a darkroom still to go hand-print & enlarge them myself…”

Dust Is Bitten Again

“After 75 years of business it is with a heavy heart that we announce our immediate closing in the United States (our European stores will continue). It has been a joy to share our passion for photography with you all of these years. We’ll miss each other and we’ll miss all of our customers. Thank you for everything.”


Sally Mann at DePaul



Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But… Cinema


“Blues Before Sunrise” is Steve Cushing’s weekly all-night radio program with an archive so vast that tunes get replayed only about once every four years. The Jazz Record Mart hosts the annual Blues Before Sunrise Film Festival on Sunday, December 1 (that’s tomorrow) from noon until 6:30 or so, featuring owner Bob Koester’s 16mm collection. It’s at 27 East Illinois and it’s free.



Vivian Approacheth


The release date is now March 28. Here’s the trailer.

Ph.D. Hoodies’ Hour Is Nigh


No, not that kind. This kind:


No to sound (write?) alarmist, but this may be the last opportunity ever to acquire a Photo Devoto hoodie. Contact D. at the school e-address. Mere hours remain.

Who’s Hungry?

BHS alum Stephen Hamilton (his is the first picture in “The History of Photography–at BHS”) speaks at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue this Monday evening. Admission is free. Get on the train and be there. Say hello, too; he’d like to know whence you come. Trust us, it’ll be worth it to attend in ways you won’t know for a while.


Before you go, look at his site:

…and his blog:

and his online magazine:

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