W. o’ W.: John Sypal

“…we know it’s not about some deluded ideal of one day being remembered for a single photograph. Don’t let anyone belittle you by saying you’re only ever going to be worth one picture. It’s about a continual process. You keep on working. “Projects” aren’t secret or blogged about in abstract terms- instead here they’re series which are consistently worked on and exhibited in ongoing sets as often as possible. You keep on working. It doesn’t have to be perfect- it just needs to keep going. You need to keep on working. You have to keep on working even when you work- that is, like most of us who regularly exhibit photographs in Tokyo, [D] has a full time job completely unrelated to photography. If you really want to do it, you will find ways to do it. Photographers make photos, not excuses. You need to keep on working.”


“Shooting film and processing it myself, printing the negatives in the darkroom and hanging the work on a wall for a week all on my own dime/yen for no real reason– That’s the opposite of so much this age tries to sell us on. Maybe having disinterest in profitability or gain and a love of physical materials is in 2019 an act of subversion.”

We agree with all of this.


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