William Christenberry, 11/5/1936 – 11/28/2016

“My home country just always seemed to me to be a part of my being. Living away from it has given me a perspective I don’t think I would have had I stayed there. It’s not nostalgia; I’m not interested in that. You can wallow in nostalgia, you know—just immerse yourself and flop around in it. That won’t get you anywhere. But strong sentiment, though, I think is different. My dear mother would always say, every summer, ‘Why don’t you photograph those beautiful southern mansions, son? Lord, that landscape is full of them.’ And I would see them, but nothing really thrilled me to death. What is interesting is how time, the elements, and people—how all these things change. A line written by Emily Dickinson expresses what I feel about change and how we remember it, or not remember it. ‘Memory is a strange bell, jubilee and knell.’ That quote was in one of her letters to a dear friend. She lived a very reclusive life in Amherst, Massachusetts, but she knew about the world.”

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