Unfolding The Space-Time Continuum

It’s a useful conceit, it is, for perspective and/or as a cosmic scapegoat. Since this here blawwg has been dormant approaching the solstice, let’s get an inkling of what we missed.

This is from DePaul, during last summer. If we’d been a little sharper, we’d have alerted you to this show.



Here’s what’s up in… Amsterdam.




The photo community there has just published this free map of local points of interest. When was the last time Chicago did this? Ever? Never? It’s not the same to list places in a glossy handout or an SPE convention guide; we’re a visual bunch, nest pas?

Oh, here’s one.


By all means, do not miss this beautiful and comprehensive retrospective of the AACM at the Contemptible.


Illinois residents get in for free on Tuesdays.


Update: you missed that one as well! Were you in on this, in 1998?


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