Photo Devoto Picture of the Day, #1


-Suzanne Hader

It’s A Be-In! Be In The Group Portrait!


We have an affinity for group portraits, and here’s an opportunity for you to be in an historic gathering TOMORROW outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Chicago.


Jason Lazarus says: “I want to ask impossible questions by attempting a photo like this: What does the Chicago art community look like? What kinds of communities make up this group? Who identifies as a Chicago artist? What can a group portrait tell us about artists in 2015? What might we learn from this image 10 years from now? How about 50? With these in mind, I am thrilled to invite any and all of you to stand for a group portrait, rain or shine, on the steps of the MCA at 11:30 am on Saturday, June 20!”


You’re a photographer, right (or a painter, or a musician, or a jeweler, or a ceramicist)? Drop everything and go. For more salient details, look here:¬†