Choice Of Medium, Choice Of Format


“This style of camera features separate back and front elements connected by a flexible box. The front contains the lens and shutter, while the back houses a ground-glass viewing pane.

The lens projects an image onto the glass upside down and back to front – a black cloth draped over the glass and the users’ head helps block out natural light so the image can be seen clearly enough for focusing and framing. The glass is then swapped for a film holder to capture the shot.

Large format cameras demand a more contemplative approach, as each shot requires its own set-up process. They also create sharper analogue images, as the area of the film is greater and can record more detail. A high level of control over perspective and depth of field can be achieved by shifting or tilting the back and front elements in different directions.”

What a clear and concise explanation. It’s from this interview with architectural photographer Helene Binet, who finds digital photographs to be disturbing on occasion:

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