Black Box

This is a promotional post. I (we) know one of the people behind this new online publication, even though the thing appears to be anonymous, and we (I) wish it well, Suzanne. Here is text from a couple of its pages (and my proofreading compulsion kicked in a bit).

“If we consider a black box that can not be opened or examined inside, we can only make a guess as to how it works, and what happens when something interacts with it and what happens in result of that. If we put a ball in one side and a ball fell out the other side, it’s possible that the box is full of balls. Or there could be a broken Dyson vacuum inside. Or the gravitational pull outside the box is greater than inside the box. In the end, all we can do is hypothesize.”


“Black Box is a bi-annual literary zine focusing on nonfiction, poetry, and illustration. Our concentration is on experimental and short form writing in an attempt to explore the power of a single word and its relation to the whole. We’re drawn to pieces that focus on the economy of words used to convey the greater ecosystem they take part in. Illustrations should mirror this concept in visual language, consisting of simple images and minimalist use of color.

“Each issue is printed entirely in black and white, focused on the theme of a singular color. The color is meant to serve as a backdrop, a diving board or a negative space. It does not dictate. It is the black box, and in the end, all we can do is hypothesize.

“Black Box is currently accepting submissions for our Spring 2015 issue. The issue’s theme is Blue and we are looking for short form, experimental creative nonfiction and poetry as well as black & white illustrations. We will be accepting pieces until 2/01/15. To submit email your work (no longer than one page per piece) to”

This sounds as though photography is not (yet) welcome, but that it could fit into their guidelines with ease. Perhaps an editor’s personal taste does not happen to include photos at this time; send some in anyway and see what happens.

P.S. I get a kick out of how long the “economy of words” sentence is.