W. o’ W.: Thomas Kellner

…from Facebook (reproduced here by permission):

“an artist statement to me has become a symbol, of

– uniformity

– sillyness

– undereducated viewers (including those who ask for)

but it is only the “artist statement”, not what the artist wants to say about himself and his work. It’s just this term that leads everybody wrong and I DO NOT WANT to see any more statements that come by like manuals for IKEA furniture.”


Perhaps he is referring to these sorts of art school jargon:




Here is Mr. Kellner’s own statement, addressing camera work in clear language.

“I want to break manifold ways of perception to my audience. My main interests have always been in finding strong visual languages that are powerful enough to tell us something about their subjects that more “realistic” images cannot do. Right from the beginning of my studies, my basic interest was in experimental and conceptual photography. I created different pinhole series, photogram work and printings in alternative techniques, such as cyanotype, saltpaper and others.

When Kodak Germany awarded me the Young Professionals Prize, I decided on a life in art and photography. In 1997, I finally started working on the contact sheet method to visually deconstruct architectural icons. My trademark style was born. Since then, I have been shooting prominent monuments all over the world. My images are asking to challenge usual perspectives – the buildings seem to be broken apart, dancing and remind us of the vulnerability of our values and creations.”

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