The Lisbon Negatives

We visited the great city of Lisbon last year. Whilst meandering we met a cohort of gentlemen in a park, fixin’ to spark a doob or two. I worked the crowd (neither for a hit, nor was one offered) and we all got along very well. Maybe you’ve seen the group shot, with minha mulher, in the header rotation. (Keep refreshing and you’ll see it. Eventually.)

When we returned we moved on to other pressing issues–like, oh, preparing to retire. I developed the film in April. The first roll looked a tad dense so I made scientific and intuitive adjustments as I worked. Hmm, they looked more than a tad contrasty as well. I realized that I had been using a poorly labeled (by moi) bottle of print developer, rather than developer for film. Talk about your teachable moments: I laid out my technical incompetency for all the students to experience as a destabilizing dose of schadenfreude. These dense, grainy, contrasty negatives are destined for the Sabatier-style printing; stay tuned.