By Request: A Home Darkroom

Somebody asked if they could visit/tour the home darkroom. There isn’t room for a visitor, much less the class, but it’s important to know that it’s entirely possible to set up at home. This one is neither a custom cave nor a hellhole; economize wherever you can, and spend for quality where it counts.


Here’s everything: books, chemicals, scale, bulbs, film holders, tape.


I process from right to left (not that it matters). Developer, stop, fix, holding bath, all propped up on boxes in order better to see what’s… developing.




Some storage, including a tripod case, developer heating pad (and a helmet).


A Beseler 23C. At top height with an 80mm lens, a 35mm negative generates an 8×12″ enlargement.


The enlarger base is an old television cabinet.



Behold: thousands upon thousands of negatives.


One of several print storage archives.


The print washer, propped upon a milk carton, and a drawer of miscellaneous tools.

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