Dead Air


Jim Nayder has died.


Listen to at least the first minute of this:



June’s Peroration


Now that the havoc of this past month has abated, we can catch up on some items of note (and there’s a reward print for whoever first makes the intended connection between the two pictures).

*** Get ready to enter the Filter Festival theme show:

*** Trevor Packer is tweeting the AP test scores! “He writes: AP Studio Art students performed at a high level this year, achieving increases in % earning 3 or higher in each portfolio type.” 13.4% are fives; 31.3%, fours; 34.4%, threes; 17.8 and 3.1, twos and ones. Individuals’ scores will be available online next week.

*** You made the choice to live your life online:

*** In Utrecht, a birthday celebration for Mr. Orwell:

*** What happens when the pros are dismissed:

*** $150,000 x 14: