The Gift Must Always Move

Here’s a clever accessory for the screen on your inferior no-film camera: 


Hear me now and believe me later: nothing says “I heart you” quite like the little Hama and/or generic camera screw, at the same site.


Books, books, books; us Murkins’ is carrazy for Top Ten lists:

The last I checked, there were only 14 remaining of the following fun second camera:

Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera Kit with 5 Twin Pack of INSTAX Film

Lastly for now, treat yourself to some forties/fifties holiday froth: “The Lemon Drop Kid,” starring Leslie Townes “Bob” Hope!


W. o’ W.: Susan Sontag

“In the journal, I do not just express myself more openly than I could do to any person; I create myself.”


A One-Person, Self-Contained System

“When you are twenty years old and the photography instructor begins lecturing on form versus content, or that a photograph cannot tell a story, or that there are no rules of composition, or that things are changed when you photograph them, or that a photographic print is an interpretation of the world by a camera, or that he didn’t develop his film for months or years after he shot it; things can get philosophical and confusing pretty quickly… After seeing Garry shoot on the streets for the first time, I instantly realized that his print critique used the exact same technique as his shooting: confront, judge, capture and comment.) No one could size up a print in 1/500 like Garry.’


Q. o’ th’ D.: A. O. Scott

…in this week’s Times Sunday Magazine.


“The afterglow of your unique, youthful experiences — the kisses and cigarettes and cups of espresso that followed the movie, as much as the film itself — cast a harsh, flat light on the present, when you sit at home watching a DVD with a cup of herbal tea as your spouse dozes next to you on the couch. But don’t blame Hollywood for that!”


Guess Who?


Your first answer is… wrong.


Dave Brubeck, 1920-2012



Time and Pictorialism

How are photographs supposed to look? Where might photojournalism fall on the spectrum between comfort and engagement?




Anne Brigman, The Bubble, 1909

What would George Santayana have to say about all this?

Or this: