What If You Found $200.00?


…or so; just, y’know, on the floor, or on a sidewalk somewhere. I’m talking about the surprise of realizing that one has some money that isn’t earmarked for film, or groceries, or darkroom chemicals, or home repair, 0r photo paper; cash in the category of lottery winnings. I don’t obsess over wardrobe or wine… (but, apparently, I admire alliteration).

I would install an illegally loud horn that exceeds a reasonable decibel level for my unprepossessing automobile  (not unlike the Huge School’s fire alarm).

I would wear this device on my ear, which saves the previous thirty seconds: http://www.looxcie.com/products-page/cameras/looxcie-2-5-hour

I’d stock up on some tres elegante photo paper: http://www.hahnemuehle.com/site/en/1163/lana-beaux-arts.html

I’d consider a long lens for the 8×10, around 600mm or so (equiv to portrait length on a 35mm film camera), but really, how much use would it see. Rental?