What I Learned Last Weekend

1. A middle-aged self-proclaimed “Lesbo Commie” tends to fidget during a panel discussion.

2. An unanticipated thunderstorm need not nix street shooting in a city of broad shoulders.

3. One can unwittingly become like unto an employee whilst dining at a family-friendly neighborhood joint.

4. Not every academic authority is willing to dismiss a connection between Storyville and klezmer.

Contact me for details.


…from The Bad Plus’s Ethan Iverson.

“During the last five weeks in Europe, many jazz piano students came up to me after the gig  and asked advice. To one and all I officially say: play some ragtime, play some stride. Read copious amounts of Joplin, James P., Teddy, and whoever else you can find. You won’t regret it. It’s an advanced and swinging interpretation of Bach’s major-minor tonal system. Down with “jazz harmony” out of a theory book, long live “harmony.” None of those cats knew what a chord scale was…”

In photography, our equivalents might be, after choosing what to photograph (and where, and when), deciding where to stand and where to place the edges (cf. Harold Allen). Select for yourself whom to take as role models, and how to produce interpretations of the tonal scale to suit your needs. 


(Much more Iverson at http://dothemath.typepad.com/)