Some Ideas for Writing an Artist’s Statement

These tips are useful for artist’s statements, grant applications, and college applications:

“Write down as much as you can. Write everything down. It doesn’t need to make sense. That thing you don’t know how to say? Just write it down. The more material you have to work with, with the easier it will be to edit. Go through your first draft and rewrite using everything below, then rewrite again.

Never begin with “My work. Avoid any use of my work” in the statement.

Sometimes (often), what you wrote at the start should go at the end, and the end should be the beginning.

Don’t try to sound smart. The world is full of people whose job is to be smart. An artist isn’t held to the same ideals.

Should you repeat a word more than twice, it’s likely something you’re not adequately describing.

Always use precise words rather than general words. Construct is better than make; elegant, symmetrical, graceful, or overwhelming will take you further than beautiful.”

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