Two short news features have made WTTW’s coverage of Vivian Maier into a little trilogy.

You’ve probably seen the first story, from last summer:

The new material appeared last week, over two nights. The other important owners of Ms. Maier’s negatives finally get to flesh out the story and early results of detective research place her in locations and dates.

Photoworks Ltd.

Does anybody remember this place, or know anyone who does? The brochure is probably from the late ’70s.

I always worked at The Darkroom (more on that anon), and I never saw this place. I suspect the building has been superceded as well.

Lemme know.

Au(rora) Cinema

As Anthony Lane wrote in the New Yorker last November: “There’s only one problem with home cinema: it doesn’t exist. As you pause your film to answer the door or fetch a Coke, the experience ceases to be cinema. Even the act of choosing when to watch means you are no longer at the movies. Choice–preferably an exhaustive menu of it–pretty much defines our status as consumers, and has long been an unquestioned tenet of the capitalist feast, but in fact carte blanche is no way to run a cultural life (or any kind of life, for that matter), and one thing that has nourished the theatrical experience, from the Athens of Aeschylus to the multiplex, is the element of compulsion. Someone else decides when the show will start; we may decide whether to attend, but, once we take our seats, we join the ride and surrender our will. The same goes for the folks around us, whom we do not know, and whom we resemble only in our private desire to know more of whar will unfold in public, on the stage or screen. We are strangers in communion, and, once the pact of the intimate and the populous is snapped, the charm is gone. Our revels now are ended.”

…and then: