“Oh, Indie!”

From the Los Angeles Times Review of Books: “Ontologically speaking, there are few squirmier genre descriptors than ‘indie,’ that colloquial shortening of ‘independent’ that rolls so easily and unchecked from the collective tongue and onto the cultural operating table. Lashed to music and films and fashions and haircuts and God knows what, it’s become a code for an increasingly mild-mannered aesthetic supposedly derived from seventies’ punk and the network of fan-run record labels that followed in its wake. But in the age of mechanical reproduction, it has meant a lot of things to be independent. And in the digital era, it’s become a catch-all genus for anything outside the granulating monoculture. Which is to say; it means everything and subsequently nothing at all.”


This is the beginning of a (poorly-punctuated) review by Jesse Jarnow of Always In Trouble, an account of the 1960s-70s record label ESP-Disk, by Jason Weiss.

Read it all: http://lareviewofbooks.org/article.php?type&id=851&fulltext=1&media