Packrats and Hoarders and Squirrels. Oh, My.

Photographers are (notoriously) packrats, and art teachers are squirrels (so I’ve been told, by older art teachers); another resident at the homestead¬† has declared that, if I go first, the basement and all its contents will be bulldozed under. We’re not nostalgic by any measure, but these documents either made the cut or were buried so deeply that they have survived until now. Enjoy.

These first two are from Fred Picker’s Zone VI catalog. Fred was a Vermonster who attempted continually to rethink and refine AA’s ideas. Calumet bought his business eventually.

Mr. Picker’s opinions (mostly regarding technique, thankfully) tended to compete with the merchandise he offered for sale.

These are excerpts from Bostick¬†& Sullivan’s 10th anniversary catalog (which was printed twenty years ago).

Never mind continuity; one can appreciate these for tone of voice alone.

It’s their catalog and they can include whatever they like.