B. ACTion pictures of BACT

What a perfect day on Earth to celebrate the Barrington Area Conservation Trust’s awards for the winter photography contest, as well as some sort of competition involving the relative circumference of oak trees. (I’m not mocking this: I sat and read on the stoop of a cottonwood poplar at 267 North Plum Grove Road when I was very short.)
The not inconsiderable awards go to:
“A Snowy Silence” – Madeleine Lebovic
“Untitled 5” – Sam LaBar
“Virgin Snow” – Brad Pector
Honorable Mentions (listed alphabetically according to title):
“Fetch” – John Bach
“Sunset Duck” – Jenna Podgorski
“Untitled 3” – Joyce Gaffney
“Weirdest Winter Ever” – Molly Voska