ICCI Reinvents Itself

The Interstate Creative Camerawork Invitational is back after a year’s hiatus. Participating schools include Schaumburg, Lincoln High in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Lake Zurich, Cary-Grove, Buffalo Grove, and good ol’ BHS.

No awards per se this time, but certificates of participation all around.

Ms. Covelli of LZ chose to attend over another event at their school (I always thought she was brilliant and perceptive).

The show is so wide-ranging that it’s diffcult to know where to look.

Get in to see everything tomorrow or Friday; don’t try on Monday or Tuesday (some sort of SWAT training will make a visit to the school potentially life-threatening); after spring break, the AP Seniors exhibit will displace this stuff fairly rapidly.

Artists in the exhibit are Grace Barbolla, Morgan Behrens, Sarah Betar, Kyler Bruner, Olivia Bueno, Maddie Carrigan, Kaeley Ferguson, Kailey Gilbert, Alex Hallerberg, Cassidy Karwowski, Nicole Kornely, Sarah Lagenstrass, Duyen Le, Mackenzie Lestan, Elisabeth Monsen, Kelly Neises, Nikki Nixon, Sammy Padiak, Austin Presti, Margaret Rajic, Marcus Rowe, Sean Ruffatti, Hayley Schaut, Brooke Schocker, Katie Strack, Hana Vanderveen, Stephanie Walterman, Stephanie Washko, and Karlee Wech.

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