Regina’s Statement

I am not a street photographer. I am not a photographer. I am a little girl pointing her finger at things and saying “Look at that!”. Sometimes almost questioning, wanting to unravel the mysteries of life, sometimes admiring those mysteries so much I hope they will never be explained.

The camera helps me look with fresh eyes and enables me to show other people the world as I see it: a bit crazy, sometimes a bit hard, but always something beautiful hidden in there, too. The world is a wonderful place…

What happens outside the frame, or before or after the shutter opens and then quickly closes: If you were not there you will never know. A new context is created in which a story is told that is as much real as it is fantasy, as much hard as it is poetic, as much obvious as it is obscure.

My work is not surreal, it’s just reality itself that is so magical. Whether you’re standing on a mountain top or in your local super market, you can take pictures as straight forward as possible and the magic will still shine though…

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