W. o’ W.: Les Paul

This contains a nice video of the wizard of the electric guitar, talking about his work:


News from the Forte front

…from April, if one can call that news; it arrived today via Clumber Spaniel (okay, it’s on the Polywarmtone blog):
“Unfortunately the whole construction in the factory was delayed due to more complicated than expected financing paperwork.
But now things are cleared and construction is going on.
Once we have the second story built in the middel hall, the cooling cycle is up and running and all darkroom blinds and safelights are installed the kettle could theoretically go live.

The only burden to take now is the silverprice to drop. At the current level making monochrome papers makes no sense but we are in good mood that it will keep dropping.”

Wayne Thiebaud on Giorgio Morandi

Appropriately, Wayne Thiebaud is exhibiting at Museo Morandi in Bologna. Read the short interview with Thiebaud in this month’s ARTnews.

“There are such good lessons to learn from looking at his work… One of them, I think, is the wonder of intimacy and the love of long looking. Of staring but at the same time moving the eye, finding out what’s really there, and there are so many things that are subtle and may look like something at one moment but not the next.”

Still more, yet again

I think these are all from the early ’90s. I don’t have my yearbooks handy, nor my memory pills; you go first.