An Illustrated Version of Tuesday’s 2-D AP Field Trip Handout

We’ll meet in the “Alena Laube Lobby” of the Richard C. Johnson Auditorium at 7:30, so that we can hoof the attendance down to… Attendance, and board our bus by 7:35.

Show your student ID whilst you buy a round-trip ride (2 one-way tickets) to Ogilvie for half-price.  At some point, gimme yer $2.25 for the rapid transit ride card (or make your own, to keep and to use in the future). You get to read preparatory material on the train, so that you won’t be confronting work cluelessly, and to give you a start on the assessments and reflections that will account for your day.

We’ll walk to the Gage Gallery on Michigan Avenue. After that visit, we’ll ride the Brown Line of the “L” (that’s the elevated train) to the River North area, to see work at the Catherine Edelman Gallery and the Schneider Gallery. Also in this neighborhood, we’ll bolt down a little nourishment…

…before bolting to the West Loop to visit the Tony Wight Gallery.

At 12:55, we sprint back to Ogilvie. On the return trip you may work on your cleaned-up notes and responses to prompts on the ride home (your epiphanies will be posted here). We arrive in our home town at 2:32. Hitch me a ride back to the Huge School; thanks!

That’s gallery hoppin’: hoofin’ & boardin’ & ridin’ & walkin’ & boltin” & sprintin’ &

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