Tweet, Let’s Eat

This is the first restaurant recommendation on the blawwg, and I cannot foresee a second one.

I had wanted for several years to visit a public house with a unique feature, but it simply was not in a neighborhood I frequented; plus I thought I would need “protection.” On several occasions, when one or another close friend of Mrs. D. was staying with us, I would suggest in jest that the conditions were safe to go to the place called Big Chicks; I thought that a clientele of macho females might kick my gluteus maximus, were I unescorted. My reason for going there was to see the art on display: all photography, and most, if not all, by local photographers. I since learned that the pictures were on display in the adjacent restaurant, called Tweet, Let’s Eat (also that the bar’s name, Big Chicks, did not refer to macho women).

During this past summer school session, I contrived to take our field trip to this particular neighborhood so that at least some of us could enjoy high quality work on display during a mid-morning snack break. The best-laid plans blah yadda blah: closed on Tuesdays! Rats upon my bed! We peered into the restaurant’s window from the sidewalk seating area. The beer delivery guy at the open door of the bar confirmed that the dining room was closed, then wondered aloud if our group were paparazzi. (Could that be a nickname for moi? Papa?)

Later on in July I had some time to kill between stops at O’Hare, so I zipped in to Tweet for breakfast. The food was terrific, and so was the coffee. I even got a complimentary fruit cup before my hash & hash! Best of all, I was sitting in the midst some of my heroes. When got up to pay, I told the guy at the register how I felt, and how to find me if certain of the photographs ever went missing. He introduced himself as the manager of the place, ad took me into the bar, which was not open for business in the morning, so that I could see more pictures there, and to a room in between (receptions? parties? spillover?) where there were still more on exhibit. All very cool. Go there, or at least look at the menu to see the photographers’ names.

5020 North Sheridan, in Uptown.

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