Multigrade Art 300: The Final Product

The following is gleaned from an e-newsletter (is that a word?) from Tim Rudman. Look him up ( and subscribe, if this kind of information interests you:

There have been a few emulsion adjustments since the pre-launch product, and more information about the product has been made available. The first impression was that the emulsion was a variant of MGWT but in fact it is a “sibling” of MGIV, and is neutral- rather than warm-toned. The base is described as neutral to cool tone, but in fact is very subtly warm if compared to the back, or to MGWT, or a truly white base like Fomatone MG Classic used to be. This gives the emulsion a slightly warm, rather than neutral, look in the higher tones. No pigment is added to the base, which is whiter before coating, but the modified process required to coat this art base seems to add this very slight warmth to it. Side-by-side testing with MGWT shows an almost identical speed, so analyser settings for MGWT will work pretty well. The final product also has very slightly brighter highlights and “better” tonal separation in the upper tones too.

The other pleasant surprise was that it gave rich browns in selenium, which the test sample did not. Fairly strong selenium at 1+5 gave rich chocolate brown, and a clear brown-grey split was easily achieved if desired. Strength for strength the Harman selenium gave richer colour than Kodak selenium.

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