Film springs eternal

…or for 123 years and counting, anyway.

Here is our course description, virtually verbatim from the course catalogue:

“Creative camerawork with light-sensitive emulsions is at the core of this semester-long course. Students become familiar with the process and aesthetic considerations of the medium, beginning with basic technical instruction and problem-solving methods for black-and-white film photography. Camera operation, film processing, printmaking and presentation are the main areas of concentration. (Students must provide their own film cameras.) Student essays and reviews deal with contemporary issues as well as the history of the medium, in addition to work in the darkroom. In successive semesters, students investigate the concept of fine print, experiment with a variety of materials, and employ more extensive manipulation of images. Evaluation is based on effort and progress; continuing study assumes mastery of tools, materials and processes. The lab fee is $60.00; there are additional expenses for film, papers and field trips.”

Necessary gear? See

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