We self-assess

…to a degree.

Don’t be alarmed as you read through this: it’s not worded colloquially, nor is it necessarily as some of the test questions will be phrased; instead, each item alludes to (not all) topics.

What is the distinction between “composition” and the “effective placement of objects within the frame”?

What affects the impact that a negative’s grain has on the look of a print, from choosing where and when (and what) to shoot to working in the darkroom?

What are the important details of film developer use?

How important is a sense of finesse when developing film?

Oddly, fixing film has its variables. (Actually, maybe it’s not so odd, partly because we work in a shared facility in a public school.)

That which should not be a variable is the assurance of darkness in a darkroom. How is that under our control?

How might we manipulate the enlarger to produce effective results?

The issue of test strips is huge in terms of time, cost, and efficacy. Think all about test strips.

How much control/leeway does one have in processing a piece of photo paper?

Plan ahead for a blunted essay: what’s your dream project in a photography class in huge school? What are the logistics and the aesthetics of such a project? How purely photographic is it–or is it dependent upon another context (literary, commercial, vernacular)?

Another mini-essay might concern itself with the apparent start/stop nature of the work flow of our process.

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