Currently enrolled? Here’s a recapitulation of D.’s semester’s projects.

Any of the following projects may be your final project for this semester, whether you did the project already and want to improve, or weren’t assigned a particular project and want to do it anyway.(1)

3 Amigos: Set up a still life using three carefully-selected objects; rearrange for each shot to create new relationships; make/use a frame in the shot to increase awareness of the available space.

Altered Landscape: Do something, introduce something to change an otherwise “found” scene.

Long, Long, Long: 1/4, 1/2, full seconds; the lengthier exposure times may or may not be apparent at first glance.

Minimum Depth-of-Field Cityscapes: Use pretty much wide open apertures in order to direct the viewer’s attention.

Regarding Snow: Anything but Hallmark or facebook-first-snowfall-shot-from-the-front-door.

Simple Portraits: Use the entire frame; the sitter collaborates.(2)

Three (or more) Light Sources: Fill in all shadows, to greater or lesser degrees.

Did I miss anything?


1. We’re in the Guinness Book now, for using the word “project” the most number of times in a single sentence.

2. I know we did Simple Portraits in two successive incarnations, but it counts as one for our purposes now.