Extend the October Critique

During yesterday’s massive monthly AP critique, someone (was it Emma K.?) suggested that perhaps we devise another venue, another format for giving feedback to presenters. Two ideas were small handwritten forms, and a response forum. Nothing has prevented anyone from writing either a short comment (from 1st grade on, really) or a substantive analysis, but that benefits only the recipient artist,  not any of the other participants )(because it would be a “private” message.

Coincidentally, a similar blawwg forum was proposed for us and our “sister school” (Lincoln, in [one of the many places called] Manitowoc). This type of posting ought to have some structure, rather than a polite free-for-all, in order for each artist to be able to take away real constructive criticism and suggestions.

Ideas, please. Time frame? Conceptual commentary? Technical? Anonymity (either for the commenters, or “pretend” namelessness for the artist, whilst online)?

One well-meaning proposal yesterday was that one of the artists begin to make more casual portraits in addition to, or instead of, the excellent examples that were shown. I say “instead of” because the proposer was talking about something that wasn’t there rather than the work that was brought to the table. Theory is autobiography in this case: the speaker obviously prefers another style of portraiture, and wasn’t getting it yesterday. Too bad; stick with what’s in front of us in critiques.

OK. Now you chip in. Click on “Comment.”


  1. i found a typo you tot! haha its just funny cuz its you. i think its a good idea but im not totally sure how often everybody would participate?

    • Oh, the shame. Whilst deleting the offending letter I also cleaned up a sentence or three. It’s a safe bet that everybody won’t participate in this part, this post-crit, but it gets around the time constraint, and perhaps someone will be more comfortable with this format.

  2. I like this idea, but I have a feeling other classes might not use this website because it is photo based. What if we were to set up a AP Art website in which all of the students could post work and receive comments? Is that a possibility?

  3. There are 20 students in advanced photo [2+ semesters of darkroom, digital] living 152 miles north of BHS in Manitowoc, Wisconsin who would gladly participate in an online (ongoing) critique.

    Would something like aphotoaday.org work as a start? Alternate pictures between schools posted daily on here?

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