Teen– um, “Young Adult” Art @ BAL

The work of twenty-one Photo Devotos comprise 60% of the library’s Young Adult Art Show! Featured artists include Chanelle Biangardi, Nina Blinick, Christina Buerosse, Mike Cygan, Nicole Galanti, Emma Haney, Molly Hendrickson, Michelle Henneberry, Maggie Kramer, and Olivia Kottke.

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Hailey Anderson, Kristin Kuhn, Corey Nguyen, Annabel Perry, and Danielius Ulitinas. Jack Foersterling and Caitie Dawson both received Bronze recognition, and Vanessa Ysais got a “Silver Certificate.”

Hailey Featherstone got Gold (and Bronze); Rachel Parker arrived right after winning Gold and Silver. Susan Listhartke was awarded a Platinum prize and was named Best In Show.

(Celebrity impersonator.)

(Actual Best In Show winner, left; Kelly Stachura, right; people, in background.)

Everyone thanks judges Kelly Stachura and Lisa Swarbrick, very much. The show remains on display during library hours until September 19th. Go, and have an unexpected conversation with a fellow citizen.

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  1. Mr. D- That guy comes into Jewel all the time. He always asks me questions and then weeks later comes back into Jewel, asking more questions on the same things. So basically this guy has a mental catalogue on my life.


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