Ah, Summer: “summer reading”… darkroom tans… cool exhibition spaces…

It’s time for you to make your own field trip with a coupla BFFs. Go see some actual art: it’s there on display for your delectation. Be whelmed, such that you experience a physical reaction, causing you take a sudden breath (i.e. get inspired).

Downtown, the Cultural Center has the work by Gene Smith that you’ve seen in the Jazz Loft book. There’s audio and video in addition to Smith’s spectacular prints, and many prisine little work prints with tiny borders–a good example for all of us. Elsewhere in the building you can see a terrific collection of illustrations and remnants of Louis Sullivan architecure. Then hop over to the ‘tute for an exhibit also based on Sullivan, including work by Aaron Siskind, John Szarkowski and St. Richard Nickel.

In River North, Catherine Edelman has mounted a show about contact sheets entitled “Proof,” demonstrating editing and selection;  Schneider Gallery has a lovely group show as well.

Then (or on another day, as a separate trip), get on up/over to Evanston: the Noyes Cultural Center has Kay Westhues’s work, made mostly in Indiana;

Dittmar Gallery in the Norris Center at Northwestern has Stephanie Dean’s “Modern Groceries”

(call before you go to Norris [847-491-2300], because parking can be problematic);

and the very excellent Paul Clark is showing at Perspective Group and Photography Gallery, 1310-1/2B Chicago Avenue.

Oh, there is more, but W/B about what you like among these, and I’ll pass it along.

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