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I thought that a good reply to “How’re you spending the summer?” might be “I’m directing a community theatre production of the life of Gene Pitney.” Pitney was a serious pop composer and successful performer with a longer career than most people are aware of (it survived the British Invasion, and actually thrived in England into the ’90s). After two days I realized that Pitney’s “It Hurts To Be In Love” was still stuck in my head. It must have come over me in EuroFresh, because the oldies station is always on the PA system in there. I seem to have exorcised it by picking out the melody, the higher Sedaka-ish harmony part, and the voices in the bridge on our “Bastardo” grand piano.

Watch him sell a song using only his jaw:

(Pitney was quickly replaced by Henry Mancini’s theme from “Two For The Road.”)

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