Matthew Woodward: Bare Ruined Choirs

Go to the Barrington Area Library right away to see the exhibit of Matthew Woodward’s drawings, because you’ll be revisiting before it all comes down on the 20th. Look around carefully so you don’t miss any of the pieces. There are parallels to the kind of monochromatic printmaking that we do.

The library’s website says:

“Through Woodward’s medium of charcoal and graphite on paper, he highlights interesting motifs found on century old edifices. By selecting architectural details from cornices, doors, and gates, he captures a misty beauty of ghost-like finials and creates hazy, haunting, compelling images.”

In between visits, read John Berger’s essay “The Company Of Drawings” in this month’s Harper’s magazine. Here’s a little quote (which happens to begin with a clear similarity to camerawork:

“Drawing now involves subtracting as much as adding. It involves the paper as much as the forms drawn on it. I use razor blade, pencil, yellow crayon, spit. I can’t hurry.”

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