Next Year’s AP Roster!

Congratulations to next year’s new members of the

Advanced Placement 2-D Design class:

Annabel Perry

Ben LeCompte

Brianna Yeargin

Caitie Dawson

Chanelle Biangardi

Christina Buerosse

Corey Nguyen

Emma Haney

Erin Dalton

Hailey Anderson

Hailey Featherstone

Jamie Gray

Kulsoom Jafri

Michael Cygan

Michelle Henneberry

Nicole Galanti

Tara Grundy

They join returning artists Kristin Kuhn,

Maggie Kramer, Molly Hendrickson,

Olivia Kottke, Susan Listhartke,

and Zach Schwermer. Welcome in!

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  1. ahhhhh cant wait!!!! :)

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