First Day Topics in Advanced Placement

*** The portfolio requirements for Seniors, to the College Board; and for Juniors, whether to the College Board (or to the Art faculty, in-house)
*** Thinking about the Concentration section of the portfolio sooner this year

*** & as vital sources of information and useful fora (“forums”) in which to participate

*** Delectations for our own edification vs. Critiques with the Drawing and 3-D Design classes

*** Field trips

*** Inspiration from cinema

*** Hoodies, the consensus being no changes

*** Flatfile selection and labeling

*** A portrait buddy system, to investigate the problem of photographic and design principles on a regular basis. What might be due each month: three pictures, either as a triptych or independent images. (I think I will/should/must intervene, in order to help people hook up.)

*** Solarization (the Sabatier technique of printing), then generating print-size negatives for cyanotype (blueprint) work.

*** “Pushing” film by rating it higher (essentially underexposing), then overexposing/under-developing medium-speed film (or shooting ISO 25/50 emulsions) for comparison’s sake.

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