Just Tell Me What You Want

(There was a Hollywood movie by that name once, unseen by me, with a promotional picture of Ali McGraw bludgeoning Alan King with her purse. I’d’ve posted it here but it exists only with text on it. [Sigh.])

Priorities for the Wonderful World of Photography include safety, excellent craft and manifestation of your sensibility. Puh-LEEZE lemme know what I can do for you in the course, in your role as an American consumer (of fine instruments for exposure of film, both new and used), and in your home improvement efforts to convert a lackluster living space into a sanctum for printmaking.

As well: the fledgling Fo-Do Club, which met off and on last year, needs a sense of purpose. Most (not all) of the activities we have discussed are things that happen in class, so… it’s a tad amorphous. We’ll work on that. What suggestions do you have?

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  1. Things to do-
    Basic camera – aperture, exposure, etc. (for those who don’t know)
    Lighting – bring in equipment. Show different setups and results.
    Photoshop – show basic retouching/color correction/creative/etc., HDR!
    Darkroom – free print time
    – big print time
    – alternative processes (cyanotype, paint on emulsion)
    Critiques – member spotlight, bring in work to discuss.
    Speakers – talk to group.
    Shooting – out of school field trips
    – photo booth idea in café, student portraits
    Field trips – museums, galleries, shooting
    Contests – for ourselves, weekly theme, small prize
    – hosted by us, for others. larger prizes?

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