Summer School? Summer School!

Sometimes it seems as though every activity, every event that has been rewarding – field trips, Big Print Days, exhibits, whatever –  has occurred outside the normal bell schedule of the school. That’s because, like baseball and (I’m told) golf, things don’t happen according to the clock. So it is (or feels) with summer school.

Photography in summer school absolutely rocks. The sun is up when we begin, so there’s the free Vitamin D; we ignore the suggested break schedule in favor of going with the flow of the processes; every day is equivalent to a week of regular school; no other class is using the photo rooms, so essentially we take over; a field trip can take place at a smaller, more selective location; what’s not to like? Some people start in the darkroom, some continue, and some work on portfolios.

Photography has now been added to the offerings during the first session of summer school this year. If enough people register it’ll happen; it might fill and close, too. Think about it (but not for too long). Registration may be done online.

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  1. D, is this going to be offered for the 2nd session?? If it is I will totally sign up :]

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