Diary of an Exhibition, Part 1

I was approached about putting up an exhibit in two or three months’ time. My natural inclination is to gauge the time available and then prepare mentally for the crunch time closer to the end. But in a recent effort to mature proportionately to my age, I keep mentally reviewing all the things that could go wrong with that scenario- effectively frightening myself into action.


I considered three themes, for any of which I could approach thirty pictures: street shooting, “foliage,” and walls/surfaces. I leafed through box after box of prints that had been sorted according to a different criterion every time I opened them over the years, pausing to greet old friends among them and, more than I care to admit, muttering “I made this? When?” I settled on Facades as a theme.



The easiest way for me to look at them all together was to shoot pictures of the prints, without film. Then I could make 3 categories: Yes, Maybe and No. Some images were briefly eliminated because they had been displayed recently, but they’re good ones, and they fit the group (and that idea never inhibited my curatrix, so why should I worry?).