That Which Is New In The Clair E. Smith Gallery

The second of four or five major fo-do shows at BHS this year is opening this week: an exhibition of work by Mr. Jeffroix Dionesotes. Come on out on Friday night to the big reception at the Clair E. Smith Gallery in the huge school between 6:00 and 8:00 for frolicsome festivities!
(Tomorrow we’ll add the poster here.)

Histo Fodo Recapitulation





There was work from Michael Arimond, Thomas Balsamo, Jade Bartlett, Nina Blinick, Ann Braden, Yessica Buenrostro, Lynn Bulgrin, Erin Calfa Weide, Rachel Canter, Christine Claypoole, Maria Creyts Ogedengbe, Aurelien D’Anglejan, Jessica Dietzen, Jeffrey Dionesotes, Amee Ellis, Amy Feit, Veronica Vergoth Falandino, Erin Fennell McCarthy, and Tim Fitzgerald.


Kyle Flubacker, Luke Fowler, Mark Freda, Greg Garre, Missy Gdula Booth, Matt Gillogly, Janet Garstka, Mike Grosspietsch, Kasia Gutkowska, Kate Haas, Rich Hacker, Suzanne Hader, Stephen Hamilton, Kristen Hanson, Alison Hargreaves, Stephani Hargreaves, Amanda Hein, Molly Hendrickson, Amanda Henry, and Lisa Hodges.



Katie Hovland, Vlad Ionescu, Tony Johansson, Kim Johnson Lange, Britt Jones, Christine Jung, Marina Karamanis, Eddie Kemper, Pete Kerns, Allison King, Jeff King, Teri Knecht, Jessen Koelling, Olivia Kottke, Carleigh Krug, Erika Kubick, Kristin Kuhn, Lisa Collins Kurtz, and Dana Lambert.



Stephanie Larson, Kathy Leedstrom, Susan Listhartke, Colleen Logue, Cody Lundmark, Kaitlin Lyngaas, Suzanne Mikosz Marki, Bob Masters, Aimee Mazzenga, Noel McCarthy, Matt McCune, Ian McDermott, Maureen McKenna, Susan McNamara, Catherine Mehringer, Paige Rogers Meagher, Jim Merriman, Joanna Metzler, Jason Mickey, and Jen Miely.



Kayla Mizanin, John Molitor, Vicky Molitor, J. Morton, Cheryl Murphy Brownell, Justin Murphy, Chad Nason, Kendall Nellis, Kate O’Hara, Laura Slack Pagel, Christine Paulus, Sharon Payne, Kara Pearson, Alyssa Pesavento, Jennifer Polachek, Kim Radosh, Margaret Rajic, Mike Reilly, Danielle Riendeau, and Michael Rizzo.



Belen Romero, Tom Root, Kathy Ruck, Rob Schuttler, Whitney Schwartz, Danielle Sepanik, Doug Seyfarth, Carrie Shabino, Steve Shanfeld, Kim Sheppard, Karlie Shields, Jamie Silver, Kelly Skibiski, Lisa Meinhard Sly, Clair Smith, Paige Spangler, Kelly Stachura, Samantha Stevens, Lauren Stromberg, and Mary Tasch Bosco.



Mallory Taub, Christina Taylor Bertinelli, Katie Thompson, Kathy Wallace, Erin Watersho, Eliza Lowry White, Rhonda Willis, Vanessa Ysais, Rachel Zimmerman.



Reception pictures courtesy of Evie, Kelly, Linda, and Lynn; more, by Susan McConnell, at


See also!/bhsphoto

The History of Photography. At Barrington High School.

As of this writing (Sunday eve), there are over 120 photographers in the big show, and we wouldn’t be surprised if more deliveries occur by Wednesday. Come on out to see actual work in person, and talk to the artists. Here’s a preview (some light bulbs will be replaced in time):





UPDATE: Parking will be available in the front lot (despite the foosball game), so show your gratitude to Heather when you arrive. The fine cuisine is coming from a source other than the in-house purveyor. Unique name tags will be attached to contributors to the show. Elvis has declined to enter the building. The current count is close to 130 photographers, many of which have more than one piece. As noted previously, key players are not represented, but they are coming out of the woodwork to some extent.

*UPDATE* Now see this:



4-1/2×6′ negatives. Biggest?



The History of Photography (at Barrington High School)


Here it comes, people: we’re mounting an exhibit of work from students of photography (and teachers) at Borington Huge School over the decades. The work of alumni has gone in so many directions, and ‘twould be good to represent all the years in our big show, whether the pieces be from hah thkoo, art school, commercial jobs, journalistic jobs, or wherever. Send us a couple of  pieces, unmounted or framed, and we’ll get them back to you afterward.


Get in touch with us at!/bhsphoto or right here.

UPDATE: The work is accumulating nicely, and we’re still trying to get the word out to more good workers of other years. If you think of someone who should be included please don’t hesitate to have them contact us. Time is of the essence: the exhibit will be mounted on September 30! Also, a reception is now scheduled for Friday, Rocktober 11.

UPPERDATE: It’s looking as though the installation will take the better part of two days. At least four of the current and former Photography teachers will be in attendance at the reception, now confirmed as 6:30 to 8:00 on the evening of the 11th. Although participation is huge, some key alumni are still not represented, so we’ll accept whatever work for which there is room.

*UPDATE* Go look at

Blue Sky’s “The Optical”

Roseville 2012 BM

I have a picture in a show, in Portland. I’m visiting the gallery on the 18th or 19th; I’ll meet you there, or you can go anytime during the exhibit’s schedule.

Abe’s Retrospective


For once, we’re actually on top of things. Today was all about Abelardo Morell in Chicago, and it was a good day for that: not a lot else going on downtown except for his Art Institute opening, the weather held for his well-attended talk, and his reception at Stephen Daiter.


The Daiter show continues for two months, and the ‘Tute’s for three, but why wait until the last week of either? That’s  the behavior of reviewers in the daily papers (if, indeed, both of them still cover work by “photographers”). Hie thee.


We Are The Hoppers, My Friend

Here’s our April 30 AP field trip in a nutshell:

1. Buy your Metra tickets. $6.00 round trip for students with ID. If you’re smart, and if you can, you’ll do this before Tuesday morning. Lines are typically longer when folks are buying monthly passes.


2. Gimme $4.50 to load the CTA cards for our two rides on the El, if you haven’t already.


2a. This leaves you $89.50 for lunch. mostly-about-the-benjamins

3. Bring a pencil with you, in order to take notes at each exhibit.


4. We take a short bus ride on a short bus from the huge school to the depot.

5. We… y’know… commute.


6. The French Market awaits.


Oh, you haven’t been?


7. We descend from the County Building to the bowels of the Loop, surfacing at the Cultural Center.

8. The Gage Gallery of Roosevelt University presents pictures from Guantanamo:


9. The Brown Line transports us to River North.

UPDATE! The Wells Street bridge is out again for reconstruction of the second half, so we’ll take the Red Line (the State Street subway) instead.

10. We hike to the Newberry Library to see the annual show by the Chicago Calligraphy Collective:


11. Zigzag through the Rush Street area, in broad daylight, to the Loyola University Museum of Art for Lewis Kostiner’s exhibit “Choosing Fatherhood-A Photographic Journey.”


12. The Water Tower, the actual Water Tower, has “Animal Kingdom,” a show of posters for bands and concerts:


13. Munch on luncheon at one of 6 or 7 quality joints along Chicago Avenue.

14. Rapid Transit back to the Loop, and sprint to the train.

UPDATE: The return will either be the Red Line again (and hike to Ogilvie Center) or just hoofin’ it from River North. I suspect we’ll prefer the former. 

15. Work on your notes, so that you may be quoted on this here blawwg.

16. Borington. Walk back to school. Or not.

Rock On Paper


Come, one and all, to the reception for Nate Azark at the Clair-y Smith Gallery Gallera. It’s this Thursday evening (January 31) from 6:30 to 8:00.

Scheduled to appear:







Marvin Gaye Holding a Sign with His Name


The exhibit of concert posters and photographs continues through February 14.!/events/198337356971651/

Viv Lives!

“Open through summer 2013”