Lesson Plans For Hall “Duty”


Sit, on furniture designed for students, at a designated spot in the hall. Do not attempt to concentrate on anything, or to make effective use of the inadequate work surface provided.

Graciously open the door to admit employees from the Republic of Special Services who went out for “fun food” and have no keys to the locked outer door (but who choose not to enter through the unlocked doors).

Compile a concise list of the many things you could be doing instead, that have more to do with skills you acquired as part of your own education, as well as with the reasons you chose to work here.

From time to time, wave to the surveillance cameras.

Elliott Carter, 1908-2012

“As a young man, I harbored the populist idea of writing for the public,” he once explained to an interviewer who asked him why he had chosen to write such difficult music. “I learned that the public didn’t care. So I decided to write for myself. Since then, people have gotten interested.”

“There are many kinds of art. Some kinds are hard to understand for some people, and easy to understand for others. But if the works are very good, then finally a lot of people will understand them. And it seems to me that if a work has something remarkable to say, then someone who wants to whistle it will find something in it to whistle. But these things are very subjective.”