W. o’ W.: Jean Renoir

“To the question ‘Is cinema an art?’ my answer is, ‘What does it matter?’ You can make films or you can cultivate a garden. Both have as much claim to be called art as a poem by Verlaine or a painting by Delacroix. If your film or your garden is a good one it means that as a practitioner of cinema or gardening you are entitled to consider yourself an artist. The pastry-cook who makes a good cake is an artist. The ploughman with an old-fashioned plough creates a work of art when he ploughs a furrow. Art is not a calling in itself but the way in which one exercises a calling, and also the way in which one performs any human activity. I will give you my definition of art: art is ‘making’. The art of poetry is the art of making poetry. The art of love is the art of making love.”


Catalog Preview

The second annual Actual Works catalog (or do you spell “catalogue?”) is… in the works. Here’s the preview: 

Annabel Perry, Caitie Dawson, Erin Dalton, Christina Buerosse, Hailey Anderson, Kristen Kuhn, Maggie Kramer, Molly Hendrickson, Mike Cygan.

College Board Countdown

Here is the text of last week’s handout. I hope the impromptu “skip day” doesn’t prove to be a spanner in the works for the absentees.

Friday, 4/29: Open lab. Give me work to shoot, finish preparing portfolio cases, decide which 5 pieces to ship. Milwaukee field trip head count.

Monday, 5/2: Desperation Darkroom. Bring a storage/transfer device, load pieces onto your account, and give me work to shoot.

Tuesday, 5/3: Bring a storage/transfer device, give me work to shoot for the last time, write a final draft of your Commentary, load and sequence work on your account.

Wednesday, 5/4: Bring a storage/transfer device, load and sequence work on your account, make a final edit of your Commentary, remove your work from the exhibit, label the 5 pieces to ship.

Thursday, 5/5: Load your Commentary onto your account, and load and sequence work on your account.

Friday, 5/6: You are field-tripped out beginning 5th hour. Appear at the library computer classroom no later than 12:00; we are scheduled to remain there until 4:00 (or until everyone has completed the online portfolio requirements and packed their work).