Making (out with) Prince

“I saw things on paper that had been around for hundreds of years and a lightbulb went off in my head.”


AP Scores Rule!

Three 5s!

3.9 average of the 14 portfolios!

None below a 3!


Kudos to McCall, Michelle, and Kelsey!




W. o’ W.: Edward Kennedy Ellington

“Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don’t want it.”


Katie is on top again!




Prez, 105 Today

Here’s Lester, less than six months from the end. Watch him resuscitate over three minutes’ time.

An Audio Snapshot

Today on the Brown Line:

“Is that a film camera?”

“Why, yes, it is.”

Do you know about this woman… who…”


“Right, right.”


So; start.

Everyone has a favorite video or two. Try to do someone a favor by forwarding a link, and they’ll match your enthusiasm with another, for you (usually unrelated to yours). These, below, are solid for conceptual reasons. The first is an explication of Joseph Herscher’s work, with a discrete video at the end.

Next, the innovative Dylan music video from earlier this year–it’s never the same twice.

Finally, the latest from the band known more for their videos the for their compositions, OK Go. This production relies on clinically specific points of view, not unlike some of my pictures (except one might never know it in still photographs. I counted 15 or 16 examples on the other pages of this blawwg; also, they aren’t gimmicks).

What else belongs on this elite list? Shorewood Lip Dub? Not really. What else?


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